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Rococo Bench

This Rocco Bench was a custom piece made for a client in Dubai. The client had placed an order for 76 different furniture pieces for her entire house. Each piece was custom made and each piece allowed us to work with new type of finishes, materials and colors. For this bench, our artisans worked diligently, hand carving the elaborate design and I remember my Mom @nilofaraziz testing out different hues of gold to see what would look best with the fabric and wood finish the client had chosen.

Keeping in mind the defining elements of the Rocco style, we wanted to make sure that despite the sophisticated and ornate designs, that the designs aren’t dramatic and serious like the Baroque style. To keep in line with the design aesthetic, we dove into the history of Rocco and Baroque styles and what makes them unique.

In 17th century France, the rule of the monarchy and the church were absolute. Art and design reflected this rigidity by having ornate yet dramatic designs. The theme of the designs were serious and somber in nature. After the King’s son took over the throne in 1715, the young King’s court was more relaxed and the aristocrats started to enjoy themselves a lot more. This nonchalant atmosphere gave rise to the Rocco style. It is characterized by elaborate carvings that usually form S and C shapes. The acanthus leaf is a distinctive feature of this style. And so, even though the ornamentation on the bench is elaborate, it has a lively and elegant feel.

Bench Dimensions:

  • Height: 18 inches
  • Length: 50 inches
  • Depth:  23 inches

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