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Regency Style Console Table

The Regency style of furniture is one of my personal favorites. They are simple yet sophisticated, their ornamentation understated and refined. This design of furniture came into style in the 1800s. Looking at all the different furniture we make and their unique origins, its fascinating how each style is so entrenched and representative of the society of that time.

The Regency style became popular during the reign of King George IV. His commissioned ventures and aesthetic preferences greatly influenced the furniture style during that time. The characteristic elements of this style are more minimal in its ornamentation and carvings. The ornamentation is used mainly for its elegance rather than showing opulence and wealth.

The woodworking usually displays simple lines and surfaces and the legs are slender. By its simple design, the piece provides the perfect canvas for any ornamentation that is used. It brings forth its beauty without the clutter and distraction of elaborate patterns. Our Regency Console table is elegant in its style and comes in a variety of finishes and ornamentation of choice.


  • Height:  30 inches
  • Length: 38 inches
  • Depth:  16 inches

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